About Us

About Us

Vertek, a unique global brand created in Taiwan.

Established on the principle of reducing material costs, Efficiency, and the urban lifestyle. When developing Every product, our team stringently makes precise choices From exterior design, research, and experimentation in Order to provide the consumer a means to express personal Taste while helping the environment.

Vertekremains determined to put forth our effort in protecting the
environment which is why we have the responsibility of taking forward
thinking measures and realizing them in the design of our products and reducing impact on the environment.

Vertekinsists that environmental principles not only be reflected in product design aesthetics, but also be seen in product material durability and repeated use.

We will do all we can to use recycled or biodegradable materials for packaging. During the product manufacturing process, we also strictly adhere to RoHS standards to exclude any damaging elements to the human body and environment during the manufacturing process.

Vertekhopes to do our part for the environment by simplifying and redesigning various aspects of your life.。